Friday, November 1
HONEYBROWNE - Austin Texas semi-country rockers blast the past and come up with a whole new way to do it. Houston’s own sing/songwriter/guitarist Shawn Pander opens. $10

Saturday, November 2
SCHRODINGER’S CAT - Bobby McFerrin meets ’N SYNC. They perform with no instruments using only their voices and beating on their mic-ed up bodies for the music while singing in four-part harmony. $10

Thursday, November 7
RHETT MILLER - The charismatic front man from the Old 97’s has a new solo CD out on Electra, The Instigator. This guy puts on a show. Opening and on tour with Rhett, The Damnwells open. $12

Friday, November 8
GRADY GAINES & THE TEXAS UPSETTERS CD Release - The original sax man for Little Richard has a new CD, Jump Start. This great musician is still blow’n and go’n strong as ever. The doors are at 8 pm and there is no cover. It is free, so come get a CD and get it signed by the master of the tenor saxophone. $0 (That means FREE!)

Saturday, November 9
EDWIN McCAIN - He's a platinum-plus recording artist whose hits I’ll Be, Solitude, and I Could Not Ask for More have brought him to the attention of millions. His new CD, The Austin Sessions was recorded in our Little Capitol of Music, Austin. He will be performing in an acoustic setting with guitars, saxophone and keyboards. Opening will be Soulhat’s Kevin McKinney, acoustically and a set by Pete Riley who will be playing in Edwin’s band. $10

Sunday, November 10
DICK DALE - King of the Surf Guitar. The man from "Pulp Fiction." One gold Stratocaster and two original Showman amps and you have the sound only Dick can get with his 16 gauge set of strings. No guitarist compares. $15

Thursday November 14
DAMES VIOLET & FEEDING 5000 - These two up-and-coming hip bands from Austin share the night. They both have great players and good songs. Being able to see them both on the same night is a real treat. $5

Friday, November 15
SIMPLETON and LOS SKARNALES - These two Houston bands have three things in common. First, they are both hot and put on a super show. Second, both bands have very talented front men. Third, they both have the same drummer, some punk named Beans and I use punk in a musical sense, this guy can pound out a beat. $8

Saturday, November 16
GUY FORSYTH - Superman of Austin Blues. He can do it all, sing, play harmonica, guitar, slide guitar and even a saw with a violin bow. Two sets by Guy with no opening act. This is your last chance to see him at this location. Remember, The Satellite will be closing at this location after the first weekend in January. $10

Thursday, November 21
KEVIN McKINNEY of SOULHAT - Kevin is touring around, supporting his new solo CD, McVein in Green. Shawn Pander will be doing an acoustic set to open. Clouseaux will also play a set. $7

Friday, November 22
RECKLESS KELLY - The absolute Kings of Texas Country Rock. Brothers Willy and Cody Braun will blow you away with their talent. Last chance to see these guys at this location. Danni Leigh opens. $12

Saturday, November 23
PATRICE PIKE & THE BLACK BOX REBELLION - The powerful singer of Sister 7 has a new band and a new CD called Fencing in the Dark. With great songs and loads of talent on stage she rocks better than ever., Patrice is bringing her friends, Del Castillo to open. $10

Wednesday, November 27
MOSES GUEST - Our Pre-Turkey Day Show features two great Houston bands. Along with Moses Guest is Shawn Pander whose new CD Soundtrack to Life will be released after the first of the year and Drifter. $8

Thursday November 28

Friday, November 29
BOB SCHNEIDER - Bob and his band return. All the way from New York City comes Freeloader to open. Also on the bill will be Woodwork. $15

Saturday, November 30
VALLEJO - Latin-influenced Rockers, the Vallejo Brothers are back to shake you in your boots. They have a new CD out, you should come get a copy. The BellFuries with one of the best lead singers in Austin will open. $12


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